Sirius sportster updating channels

For the latest information about this and other= Sirius Sportster products, visit Table of Contents Box Contents 3 Safety Precautions 3 FCC Warning 5 Cleaning the Unit 5 Receiver Controls and Features 6 Remote Control 8 Installing Batteries in the Remote 8 Activating your SIRIUS Subscription 9 Basic Operation 10 Changing Channels 10 Display Button 10 Search Modes (Category, Channel, Artist, Song Title) 11 Searching Categories 11 Searching Channels (Channel List Mode) 11 Direct Tuning 12 Setting Channel Presets 13 Recalling Channel Presets 13 Jump Preset Button 13 Searching for a Channel Preset (P.Music streams on Sirius carry a wide variety of genres, broadcasting 24 hours daily, commercial-free, and uncensored.A subset of Sirius music channels is included as part of the Dish Network satellite television service.

Sorry to hear about your problem, hope it gets resolved soon! Sometimes I get the message every time I start the vehicle. I get antenna messages, and another message, can't remember what it is at the moment (haven't been in the Tiguan for a few days).For those of you who have Sirius XM, can you please tell me how many times you see the message, updating channels, on the radio/nav display.I get that message every time I start the car, VW is trying to tell me that its Sirius that I have to deal with.Safety Precautions Warning Take the following precautions to prevent traffic accidents and avoid= personal injury: Installation must be performed according to this user guide.Sirius= Satellite Radio is not responsible for issues arising from installations= not performed according to the procedures in this manual.

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